4 Delicious Designs of Caron Cake Crochet Pattern

Do you want to eat cake? You should knit Caron cake crochet pattern. The pattern is easy to imitate. You can make a crochet project for caron cake. It can be a blanket, scarf, or others.

Caron Asymmetrical Shawl

The first design of the caron cake crochet is caron asymmetrical shawl. This shawl looks cute and great with asymmetrical detail. You can knit it with different colors such as pink, maroon, and white. Those will create a great shawl.

Caron Cake Blanket

The next caron cake crochet pattern is Caron cake blanket. It is an easy crochet blanket to knit. It has a rainbow color for knitting it. It consists of red, pink, blue, yellow, and grey. It is knitted in the striped detail to make a cozily beautiful blanket.

Caron Mosaic Pillow Cover

If you want to cover the pillow, you can knit this pillow cover. It takes a caron cake and mosaic theme. It has a striped detail consisting of pastel colors. You can make it with cotton yarn. It is a recommended crochet pattern.

Caron Cake Flower Scarf

If you want to make a scarf, you can take a design of caron cake crochet pattern. It is an easy pattern with detail of the calico flower. The crochet pattern shapes a flower with three main colors such as yellow, pink, and grey.

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