Basic & Standard Patterns for Boy Blanket Crochet

Boy blanket crochet can be made with basic and standard crochet patterns. Even though it is standard, basic crochet patterns is able to look stylish and beautiful as long as you are able to combine the right and proper colors. The basic and standard crochet patterns can also add beauty to the blanket crochet for your boy. The first pattern that you can try is the stockinette pattern. Stockinette pattern forms typical long lines which usually consist of 3 alternating colors. This basic pattern is suitable to be used to make stuff which the shapes usually consist of straight lines such as square or rectangle, including a blanket.

The next is garter stitch pattern. This simple and pretty pattern is the most suggested pattern for those who are a beginner in crocheting. It is because the process of making this pattern is easy. You just have to knit all the lines. You can even use one type and one color of knitting yarn to make this garter stitch pattern. Though it only uses one knitting yarn, this pattern is able to give a unique result with the big bulges. Garter stitch pattern is suitable for you who want to make a textured boy blanket crochet.

Meghan Cadence

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