Blanket Crochet Pattern Free to Get You Warmer at Night

There is nothing cozier than covering your body with crochet blanket at cold nights. But, what pattern to choose? You might get confused with a lot of pattern choices available. Take a look at the following blanket crochet pattern free ideas to get you inspired.

#Easy Crochet Blanket for Beginner

This crochet pattern will be perfect the most for those who are new in crocheting. The pattern is very simple. The single crochet stitches will allow you to have no-brainer DIY crochet blanket to work on. You will love the solid color used and it will be perfect for your bedroom.

#2. American Flag Crochet Blanket

With the upcoming celebration of American Independence Day, this USA flag crochet blanket might become a great idea. It features an American theme with flag-style elements of stripes and stars. To make it more “America”, the blanket is dominated with red, white, and blue colors.

#3. Music Crochet Blanket Pattern

Love the art of sound? You can add a touch of music art to your crochet blanket. This pattern comes with a series of the gorgeous simple music chart.

#4. Cheerful Ripple Blanket

Need to add colors and tone to your bedroom. This cheerful ripple crochet jacket will be a perfect option. The chevrons and zigzag patterns are easy to crochet.

Meghan Cadence

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