Crochet Braid Pattern to Make Various Projects

Crochet braid pattern – A lot of people think that braiding is something done to the hair. Even if you look for a crochet braid on the internet, the first result that will show is a hairstyle technique. Actually, a crochet braid is a fun thing to do in crocheting and crafting. With a crochet braid, you will be able to create many various projects. For instance, braided earflap hats. A braided earflap hat is the most common project that is created by using a crochet braid. Take a basic design of a crochet beanie and add earflaps on both sides of the hat.

The next is braided crochet animal hats. This project is suitable if you want to make something cute and meaningful for your kids. You can make this braided crochet animal hat in the shape of a monkey, owl, rabbit, dog, and many more. Add braids to the hat in order to make the hat looks cuter. You can tie the braids to your kids’ heads in order to secure the hat. A crochet braid is actually also used as a design feature of adults’ simple hats. So, are you getting interested in learning a crochet braid pattern?



Meghan Cadence

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