Easy and Quick Blanket Crochet Patterns

Crocheting becomes a favorite hobby of many. If you do not crochet or knit, then you might miss out some of the most fun time and relaxing hours where you can spend. You do not need crochet like a pro but you will love working on your own skills and these easy blanket crochet pattern ideas are perfect to start anything from the basic granny square to the more complicated v-stitches.

Blackberry Striped Afghan Crochet

This beautiful afghan pattern is so easy to make in different sizes. You are able to use the patterns for cute baby blankets or the bigger sizes – whatever size that you actually need. You will love all different colors and pattern sizes are available in any size that you need. This pattern gives you a chance to work in different colors in the same project.

Chunky Blanket

This blanket has all the stunning lace look so it is easier to make than you think. You can use the weight yarn and hook for this pattern. The finished item gives you with gorgeous throw.

Clamshell Blanket Pattern

This beautiful blanket is a bit complex than other projects, but it’s worth the effort. Choose your best blanket crochet pattern ideas to work with.

Meghan Cadence

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