Free Crochet Jacket Pattern Designs for All Seasons

Crochet jacket is a sweet fashion item for every season. Either it is the one with open design or short sleeves, there are always tons of options to add to your wardrobe. Here are some beautiful crochet jacket pattern designs that will fit for all seasons.

#1. Easy Crochet Summer Jacket Pattern

This summer crochet jacket comes with short sleeves and open design on the front. The jacket has a simple pattern that is easy to make. This crochet jacket not only can be worn in summer but also spring.

#2. Coral Cropped Crochet Jacket

This cropped crochet jacket will be suitable for summer and spring. The color is awesome the design will make it possible for you to pair the jacket with shorts or sundresses. You can crochet the jacket in a relatively short period of time since it has a shorter length.

#3. Open-Front Crochet Jacket

If you are looking for a pattern for winter crochet jacket, this open-front design will be a perfect choice. This heavy and long-sleeved jacket will be great to wrap your body during cold months.

#4. Everyday Crochet Jacket

Need a crochet jacket for everyday use? This pattern will be perfect. You can even easily pair them with dressier outfits or jeans.

Meghan Cadence

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