Here Christmas Crochet Stocking Pattern and Ideas

Is there anything which more filled up with hope and anticipation rather than a cute row of Christmas stocking. It was hung above the mantle, it’s hanging in the handy shelf or laid under the Christmas tree – means that they were traditional decoration – with a touch of magic. This year, you can improve your stocking appearances with glue, glitter and make the full sized crochet Christmas stockings for each family member. These free crochet stocking pattern ideas can be your references.

They are perfect to decorate your Christmas tree or Christmas handmade gift as the treasured. You can hang them in the festive banner or fill up with the sweet treats and a little gift.

Crochet stocking on a red heart

This stocking features with classic style and looks so great in super fast working. It can be very easy to adjust and customize based on your personal need.

Snowman stocking

This patter was decided in the intermediate level for its difficulty – it is super easy and easy to see the love goes into this design.

Santa stocking

You can work in the front and back which is so smart here – so, you can sew all these Santa pieces before seaming. So it is much easier for crochet stocking pattern.


Meghan Cadence

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