Summer Crochet Patterns for a More Cheerful Summertime

Who says that crochet or knitting fashion is only appropriate for winter? As long as you use a lighter material, they can also be the best for summer. Moreover, there are some ideas of summer crochet patterns that should not be missed out. What are they?

Big Lace Crochet Pattern for Top

Almost all types of lace crochet pattern are good for summer. Lace means that application of a certain pattern that makes the clothes look sheer. Interestingly, it is very easy to be applied through knitting and crocheting. Combine the ideas with bright colors like yellow or orange. It definitely makes your summer feel more cheerful.

Sun Crochet Pattern

This idea is basically one of the lace patterns mentioned above. Specifically, the pattern is shaped into many suns to make summertime can be felt more. This idea is applied by forming rounds and then surrounded by triangles as the lights or radiations. Similar to the lace crochet mentioned above, it looks good also in yellow or orange.

Pineapple Crochet Pattern

Pineapple crochet pattern refers to a kind of lace patterns with big motives with some details. This way, it slightly looks like pineapples. Well, since the fruit is related to tropical land, it is just suitable as one of the summer crochet patterns to apply.

Meghan Cadence

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