The Top Crochet Ball Pattern to Imitate

Let’s talk about crochet ball pattern! As you know that crochet ball is very flexible. You may create them tiny or big. It is tiny for your necklace beads, and big crochet ball can be used as your poufs. So, make as you like, small or large balls, animals’ head, and also the teddy’s tummy. You can also make it as baubles of Christmas and also accent piece. You may create everything related to the spherical based on your wonderful mind.

In this article, it explains about a free pattern for the crochet balls. You have to know that pattern informs you about how to create tiny crochet ball in 4 sizes in which each size is different. Then, what are the patterns? Below are the patterns that you can try. Check it out!

The Pattern of Handy Hint

If you intend to create a ball by using dark yarn, you can use the fabric scraps of a black t-shirt for stuffing balls. By using this dark fabric scraps, your stuffing ball will be less visible. In another way, you are allowed to use the bomb of stuffing. However, you have to remember that fabric of cut-up you use can make the ball you make warped slightly. So, you have to stuff the crochet ball of yours well.

The Pattern of Single Crochet Ball

You should know that hdc’s are very good to create a crochet ball. In another case, if you intend to create the stuffed toy, using dense stitch more such as single crochet is recommended. Try to use a good tool to make the spheres with the size you want.

So, which crochet ball pattern will you make?

Meghan Cadence

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