What You Should Know Before Proceeding Crochet Chunky Yarn Patterns

The biggest difference in crocheting between standard yarn and chunky yarn is surely the weight of the yarn. Before starting crochet chunky yarn patterns, it’s better to test your stitches and check the gauge of the yarn. This way, you will be able to determine how many stitches you should make to accomplish the result.

  1. Selecting a Chunky Yarn

Generally, you can tell if the yarn is chunky simply by looking at it. Chunky is one term used to define yarn types that are categorized as bulky yarn. But, some other brands use terms like “rug” or “craft” yarn. Another method that you could use to identify chunky yarn is by checking the yarn weight sign. The weight symbol for chunky yarn and other types of bulky yarn is 5.

  1. Choosing the Material

When you are planning to crochet chunky yarn patterns, you should make sure that you have the right material yarn. You need to consider the intentional use of the project you are going to do. If you wish to make a scarf or blanket, you should choose for a softer yarn than a rug. Meanwhile, if you want to make purses or rugs, the acrylic wool will be perfect since it is a mix of synthetic and natural fibers.

  1. Pick The Best Hook Size Based On Your Yarn

Commonly, you can check the yarn label to learn the hook recommendation. However, if you are planning for crochet chunky yarn patterns, the hook size is probably indicated in the arrangement.

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